There’s a new way of doing business in the healthcare space, and ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) has a direct path to some interesting times ahead because it has been relatively ahead of the curve as the Telehealth revolution has taken hold.

If you haven’t heard of ISWH, we won’t blame you. It’s a cheap OTC stock trading for pennies at this point. But “this point” is likely a point on the curve that lies in front of some pretty interesting things for the company given its recent announcement.

A Little Context

ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) isn’t new to the healthcare space, generally speaking. The company’s Paradigm Home Health subsidiary has been racking up tremendous growth over recent quarters, with five consecutive quarters of sharp sequential growth and revenues of about a quarter million last quarter to log growth of 79% y/y.

But the advent of Telehealth deregulation in the space this year by policymakers in response to the pandemic health crisis has opened up new doors to dramatically expand its healthcare operations and likely accelerate its already respectable growth rate.

In short, ISWH has established a new telehealth subsidiary with the recent founding, licensing, and ramp-up of “Telecare”, which recently received its license from the State of Texas under Chapter 142 of the Texas Health and Safety Code to operate in Texas.

According to ISWH, the Telecare referral intake process is fully electronic, with provider referrals opening a client relationship, coordinating care with providers, logging all consents, and assigning a home health caretaker, all achieved entirely electronically. Within twelve hours, an on-site assessment with a registered nurse is conducted, and full care services begin within 24 hours.

The Telecare team is reportedly growing, and ISWH intends to ramp up service across the state and to extend its service area into additional states over coming months. In other words, ISWH’s Telecare subsidiary is a telehealth efficiency solution that is now operational and starting to drive growth for the company in Q4.

More to the Story

One should also note that ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) is about more than just its Telehealth transition. In fact, the company is engaged in one of the most ambitious cryptocurrency mining projects on the planet through its joint venture with Bit5ive, LLC, a global leader in cryptocurrency mining and innovative turnkey mining solutions.

According to company materials, ISWH intends to build and power data centers for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining in several locations across the US beginning in Pennsylvania, starting with 1 MW (-/+) concept deployment, with further expansion plans after that.

The company has noted that its deployment of this initial foray into the space is set for this fall, which suggests we may be verging on an important announcement that will dramatically up tangible growth expectations for ISWH for the year ahead, potentially impacting trading in shares of the stock.

The Fed’s recent transition to Average Inflation Targeting is a signpost for investors to begin to focus more on the pitfalls of fiat currency systems.

We have seen over $21 trillion – yes, Trillion, with a big “T” – in total global monetary and fiscal stimulus so far this year in reaction to the pandemic health crisis (per Bank of America Research). Even as interest rates sit at low levels, yield curves are starting to steepen, and the early warning signs of a new inflationary regime is beginning to pick up steam.

All of that lies in waiting as a hurricane-force tailwind for the crypto space. With ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) now verging ever closer to material advances as a clear “player” in the cryptocurrency space, and the company also hip-deep in tangible returns on a viable telehealth strategy, ISWH is an easy case to make on a probabilistic basis.