AT&T (NYSE:T) has selected Amdocs’s (NASDAQ:DOX) Openet 5G solution for the monetization of the next wave of business and network model innovation in edge computing, cloud and IoT. At the same time, it will enhance operational agility and service differentiation.

Amdocs’ Openet solution supports AT&T strategy

Amdocs is a software provider whose Openet solution supports the AT&T strategy. The company will leverage its 5G network through the launch of new services such as mobile AR/VR, gaming, remote health, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and more. Interestingly AT&T’s choice of Amdocs’s 5G cloud monetization solution is an example of how the companies have been collaborating to deliver innovation to the future of 5G business and consumer experiences.

Eric Boyer AT&T’s EVP Consumer Technology Platforms said that the company’s 5G network coverage reached various places across the country this year. The company is delighted to offer new ways of making life more comfortable, enjoyable and more efficient for its customers. Boyer said that as the company looked to future proof its network with an open standards-based approach to new business models and services they chose Amdocs because of its 5G expertise and extensive IT, network, DevOps and cloud capabilities. The capabilities will help AT&T to offer new services on a global scale.

Amdocs’ 5G monetizing capabilities vital to AT&T

Amdocs’ Media, Network and technology President Anthony Goonetilleke said that AT&T has always stood with the company’s rich innovation history and driving or revolutionary capabilities for consumers. He said that they are delighted to have AT&T leverage the company’s 5G monetizing capabilities that include those of Openet to accelerate its path to cloud and deliver new 5G experience to consumers.

Anthony said that 5G is more than just a fast network for services as it is also crucial for service providers in enabling new business models for enterprise and IoT customers using 5G capabilities. Amdocs’ cloud-native, dynamic and open digital solution, services and platforms offer enhanced choice, quick time to markets and flexibility which enables clients to meet changing need for clients as they drive growth and transform their business to cloud.