AllStar Health Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:ALST) is an increasingly interesting story. A specialty pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements company focusing on personal protection equipment and the development of a mobile virus testing lab, ALST has recently made strides to position itself as an emerging player in the post-pandemic virus prevention space.

One of the most important ideas gradually breaking through public consciousness is the notion that we are never going to truly be rid of Covid-19.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Covid-19 will keep popping back up like whack-a-mole, seasonally re-sprouting in an emerging market and then appearing in Tacoma or Peoria or Boston in a shopping mall. The point is this: our best path forward will be persistent awareness and preventative protocols and practices.

As the Wall Street Journal recently put it: Covid-19 is going to be a billion-dollar industry for many years to come.

ALST is a company aligned to capitalize on that theme and provide value in the process. And the company’s latest communications expand on that premise in meaningful ways.

In addition, recent communications also align the company to some extent with the cannabis craze given its association with CBD products.


AllStar Health Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:ALST) recently announced that, in collaboration with Gold River Productions Inc. (OTCMKTS:GRPS), a distribution agreement has been signed for the marketing and sales of multiple initial products, including “DEFENDER”, which is a throat spray that soothes sore throats whether from viral, bacterial or surgical cause.

According to the release, Defender leverages powerful natural ingredients known to be effective against viruses and bacteria in the laboratory setting.

“This spray represents what we believe to be the first of its kind commercial approach to soothe sore throats. In addition, we will be adding an exciting new line of rare cannabinoid gummies packed with large amounts of CBG, CBN, and full spectrum CBD. With blends that are doctor formulated to help with sleep, pain and anxiety, the initial public reception is very enthusiastic, and it gives the public a very viable alternative to the toxic pharmaceutical regimens that currently exist.”

Dr. Daniel Bagi, President of AllStar remarked, “This agreement culminates months of work from both parties, and AllStar is extremely pleased with the opportunity to co-market these high-demand products developed over several years by Gold River Productions. The DEFENDER throat spray we believe could be an adjunct in everyday use as part of the hygienic arsenal available to the public and help in the battle against sore throats from any cause. The natural ingredients in the formula have shown in vitro antiviral and pain-reduction properties, and anecdotal evidence strongly supports this.”

Bagi continued on to note that, “We are formulating high-octane products that we feel compete with toxic pharmaceuticals without the side effects. We are equally excited about the line of gummies developed by Gold River Productions, which have unique formulations of rare cannabinoids. Emphasizing the addition of larger quantities of CBG and CBN in addition to full-spectrum CBD, we now have the formulation that demonstrates the most efficacy. The feedback we have received from early samplers support these unique formulations’ ability to be a natural alternative in certain health conditions, such as an aid to insomnia, pain, and anxiety.”

“AllStar strongly believes the stresses associated with the pandemic have added to the attractiveness of effective cannabinoid and natural products. People want alternatives. We see a sharp uptick in the demand for these formulations over the near and long-term,” added Dr. Bagi. “Our future line of products is even more exciting and we can’t wait to introduce them. We have four physicians on staff with impressive backgrounds. They are all dedicated to making peoples’ lives better.”

Not to be outdone, Dr. Richard Goulding, CEO of Gold River Productions, further stated that, “My background as an ear, nose, and throat doctor as well as my association with two physicians with immense nutraceutical background has helped us develop these unique and natural product formulations over the years. We have tested these products on individuals in a random sampling, and the results are very encouraging. While the need for double-blind testing is imperative and something that we shall seek to perform, the need and safety makes these products attractive now. We expect the demand for these products to be especially high given that they are natural alternatives to some currently prescribed drugs. People are seeking alternative and effective solutions for common afflictions. We intend to deliver just that.”

Around the Next Corner

In addition to its new alignment with the natural wellness movement and the cannabis theme, AllStar Health Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:ALST) continues to be a player in the Covid-19 testing theme.

The more tests we do, the more precisely we will understand where the virus is. If we understand where it is (ie, who has it, and who might), then we can reduce cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, all while reopening our economy more robustly and maintaining our jobs and livelihoods.

And, as discussed above, according to the experts, the fight against the coronavirus will be a long-term marathon war. PPE, testing, vaccines, coping tools, etc… they will all be Big Business for years and years to come.

It’s a bit like World War II. When we won, we didn’t just vacate central Europe and Japan. We stationed troops there for decades. Similarly, when we get to herd immunity from the vaccines, we won’t just forget about it. Companies like ALST will be critical to maintaining the peace.

One of the core assets at this point for AllStar Health Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:ALST) is its partnership with TPT Global Tech, a technology and solutions company. The two companies are collaborating to create and distribute the QuickLAB module, a rapid testing solution for Covid-19.

Central for the company appears to be its focus on continuing to provide testing and PPE given the likelihood of a long and drawn-out battle as new strains emerge and different regions effect different levels of response.

Bagi remarked, “We believe a key factor to success in the tourism and other sectors is cutting the time for a PCR test result (still the gold standard) from several days to a few hours. This alone can be the difference for a tourist between several days of quarantine or only a few hours and could impact greatly on their decision whether to travel or not. AllStar has been focusing its efforts on working with several countries and offering solutions to satisfy their testing needs.”

The company also noted that it continues to expand on the efforts made initially in Jamaica and is in discussions with several other Caribbean Island and some African countries in developing testing and reporting systems to re-open their hard-hit tourism sectors, while also satisfying the requirements for these tourists to return home.