A1 Austria has awarded Nokia a multi-year contract. The latest move will see the telecom operator focus on the provision of 5G network coverage countrywide.

A1 Austria and Nokia Corp are businesses that have enjoyed longstanding partnerships, and the recent move is one of the many deals the two have struck over the years. The terms of the deal provide that Nokia will remain committed to delivering 5G radio access and core network services.

Nokia’s accomplishments

Sources project that the two companies might be unveiling the 5G core element before the year comes to a close. The companies chose to disclose the terms of the deal.

The close working relationship between the companies has seen them accomplish quite a lot within the business space. Part of that is the collaboration that saw them unveil a massive fiber-optic network in Austria. That fiber network remains to be the biggest ever in the country.

Another project the two undertook was deploying multiple private campus networks within the country, with much more to happen soon.

The current contract compels Nokia to provide its AirScale portfolio. It is a portfolio incorporating AirScale base stations, 5G RAN, and the Nokia AirScale radio access products to A1 Austria. The business continues hoping for a successful pilot, which will trigger the commercial 4G and 5G network slicing unveiling.

The significance of slicing and its continuity among networks is that it makes it possible for the different operators to make the most out of their network coverage.

Uiitto speaks out on the business collaboration

Top leaders have spoken about the latest developments, including Nokia’s President of Mobile Networks, Tommi Uiitto. The official is quite pleased with the companies, move to continue its longstanding business collaboration with A1 Austria in the 5G era.

Uiitto seems to take a rather interesting stand about the recent partnership, terming it a showcasing their capacity to deliver top-class technology in a somewhat competitive business climate.

Things seem to be working out for Nokia lately. One of the most significant milestones was how the company’s smartphones got the Android Enterprise Recommendation certification.