PG&E Corporation (NYSE:PCG) seems to be achieving much with its EV Fast Charge program. The installation of the electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers is meant to benefit the general public, and anyone in need will have to visit the 7-ElevenĀ® store in West Sacramento.

New program to help drivers save time

The service provider discloses that the 7-Eleven store will serve customers around the clock. The design of the advanced 125kW-capable EV fast chargers is such that they will help drivers save a lot of time. Drivers with either EVs or conventional cars are set to benefit from the company’s latest move to offer outstanding services.

PG&E seeks to expand its business operations and is doing everything possible to reach most of its set goals. It intends to strike a business collaboration with 7-Eleven, a move that will see the two come together o install fast chargers in more locations.

Scott speaks out on the advancements

Sr. Director of Energy Engineering & Store Planning Ann Scott is quite pleased about the major steps 7-Eleven has made so far. The official outlines that this business has been operating for the past 90 years and continues to thrive. The target has always remained to offer customers great convenience and the most innovative products.

Scott says that they never stop looking out for new opportunities and ways to improve the customer experience as a business. She has been checking out the latest developments, and one of them has been the major rise of electric vehicles on the roads. Scott strongly believes that installing the fast-charging stations will do much towards offering greater convenience to customers.

The official understands the undesirable effects that the continued environmental degradation could cause and is happy about the new changes. She outlines that she will continue to support 7-Eleven in its vision to minimize environmental degradation.

7-Eleven is one of the companies that have consistently remained open to collaborating with others who share the common vision of protecting the environment. The business still has plans underway to add more EV charging stations within the coming few years. Experts believe that working on Public fast charging is a great move towards boosting EV adoption.