New York State has remained one of the frontrunners in spearheading the world’s great need to embrace green energy excellence. This time around, the state collaborates with Plug Power Inc (NASDAQ:PLUG), a move that will see the company expand its green hydrogen footprint. Reports indicate the business’ plan and dedication to setting up a hydrogen production plant in the New York Science, Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Park (STAMP). It also discloses its plan to build an electric substation in the same location as part of its business advancement.

Production capacity

Analysts describe the facility as the biggest one in America, considering all the country’s green hydrogen production facilities. The plan is to have the plant generate 45 metric tons of green liquid hydrogen every day to serve the Northeast region. It will utilize about 120 MW of Plug’s PEM electrolyzers in hydrogen generation, employing the clean New York hydropower.

The latest development follows an earlier one that involved the set up of the Tennessee plant. If all goes according to plan, the facility might have the capacity to generate about 500 tons of green hydrogen every day before 2025.

Marsh speaks out

The CEO for Plug Power, Andy Marsh, says he intends to lead the company in its efforts and dedication to set up the green hydrogen economy. Marsh applauds his home state of New York for the significant role it has been playing in supporting the clean energy initiative. The leader sees his company’s green hydrogen solutions as a great addition to positive change in environmental preservation. He also thinks of their dedication to the deal as one of the best ways to support changes in the state’s economic climates. He appreciates all the company’s partners and the elected officials for the leadership roles towards helping the company reach its set goals.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is pleased and encourages the continued collaboration. H applauds the company for setting up the green hydrogen production facility, which he believes can generate about 60 new good-paying green-energy jobs. He also sees the move as a way to expand or grow the Western New York economy.