SHARE, Inc (NYSE:CRM) has unveiled its latest product known as Rebate Management. The company has remained one of the frontrunners in seeking and developing solutions to help businesses deal with pandemic-related enterprise challenges.

Business packs

May was a game-changing opportunity for Salesforce, which wanted to do things differently with its Commerce Cloud. The company unveiled four quick-start pandemic business packs, a move that saw it develop some outstanding buying experiences across most of its channels.

The company also launched a new Service Cloud workforce planning tool, which would streamline matters and activities in the various contact centers. It is a new dawn for most contact centers having many remote workers, and Salesforce asserts it won’t stop on its efforts to deliver improved services.

The set of AI-fueled workflow solutions known as the Einstein Automate is another major pronouncement. Salesforce unveiled it back in December, and that was in the course of its Dreamforce conference.

Salesforce is looking at all possible avenues to offer businesses whatever they need to progress and rise to the pinnacle. Salesforce will help in business collaboration and data sharing. According to the company, the different teams will have a much easier time collaborating and sharing data regardless of their locations at any time.

Benefits of the new solution

Salesforce is known for developing excellent and progressive solutions over the years, but Rebate solutions stand out from the rest. The rebate program makes it easy for companies to assess where they are at any given time. In other words, the companies can achieve a holistic view, and that way, they can make some crucial moves for progressivity. It is about checking out the overall business and seeing the loopholes and the other areas that matter. Some significant focus areas include the closed opportunities, sales agreements, run-rate business, and channel incentives.

The company’s spokesperson sees the rebate solution as a step in the right direction and helps the business thrive. The solution’s theme will drive intelligent insights to unveil the most appropriate programs targeting revenue growth. Salesforce’s platform has top-notch AI capabilities that guarantee growth and robust performance.