SPYR is tracing out a type specimen BullishAscending Triangle breakout pattern with a trigger level in the $0.20/share area. This matches up well with the company’s aggressive move into the Smart Home marketplace on the Apple platform.

SPYRTechnologies (OTCMKTS:SPYR) frames itself as a technology company that, through its subsidiary, Applied MagiX Inc. , develops and resells Apple ecosystem compatible products with an emphasis on the growing multi-billion-dollar smart home market.

SPYRcontinues to identify and target acquisitions that will grow its footprint in the industry and expand the products it offers consumers, including companies developing artificial intelligence and smart-technology products.

SPYR Technologies (OTCMKTS:SPYR) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Applied MagiX, made their Apple® HomeKit® smart home products available for purchase to the public late last week with a newly launched website and online store at and

This is an enormous development, especially given the fact that Statista shows that the global smart home market is projected to reach more than $53 billion by 2022. Adding to that picture, Acumen Researching and Consulting forecasts that, with rising popularity, the “smart homes and buildings” market will grow 18% in 2021.

SPYR is also now moving to implement additional distribution channels like Amazon, the most visited e-commerce property in the U.S. with over 2 billion global visitors each year.

Applied MagiX is a registered Apple developer that was acquired by SPYR Technologies in late 2020.

The company develops and resells Apple ecosystem compatible products with an emphasis on the growing multi-billion-dollar smart home market, and while it continues to develop its own signature brand of proprietary smart home products and accessories, the company has chosen to begin generating revenue right now with sourced products from trusted technology partners, including Onvis.

Shopping for Apple HomeKit products is made easy with the new online store at Applied MagiX, and there is no better time to join the smart home craze that is currently sweeping the globe than with the company’s extremely competitive introductory prices on its first 4 smart home products:

According to communications from the company, while these 4 “essential HomeKit products” are the first that Applied MagiX is introducing to the public, they certainly won’t be the last.

Even more Apple HomeKit products and accessories are on the way, and the company will also launch Apple Watch® accessories, and Apple CarPlay® products and accessories as well. We expect Applied MagiX to begin to populate its online store and other distribution channels with its expanded lineup of sourced items soon.

“This strategy of reselling vetted products will allow us to begin to generate revenue and put us one step closer to profitability while we’re developing our own branded proprietary products for Apple HomeKit for release into the market,” said Dr . Harald Zink, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Applied MagiX.