The justice department will soon get to the bottom of Visa Inc (NYSE:V) and its incentives to banks. The body wants to probe Visa’s business activities, especially indels the company has struck with several banks. Visa is suspected of offering incentives to the banks to make them overly dependent on its network.

The body set to start investigations

The body exudes confidence that it will soon determine whether or not Visa has been enticing the banks in question to process their wide-ranging online debit-card transactions through the company’s networks. The Covid-19 lockdowns resulted in a significant spike in spending.

The Justice Department hopes that it will find tangible information regarding the company’s activities. According to some unconfirmed sources, this department suspects that Visa has been offering some attractive incentives to all banks routing more transactions through its elaborate network.

Both the Justice Department and Visa remained tight-lipped regarding the matter, despite journalists’ efforts to get them commenting on the issue. Visa is under scrutiny, putting the company on edge. The investigating body has already swung into action, focusing closely on Visa’s central business line.

The investigation outcome might pose serious repercussions for the millions of restaurants, stores, and other merchants spread out across the country. The U.S. financial industry is in the spotlight, as uncertainty about its fate remains a major subject of discussion.

Visa promises to co-operate

Visa already knows about the U.S. Department of Justice’s plan to investigate its business undertakings. The body expresses serious concerns over its debit practices, something it pointed out elaborately in its regulatory filing.

Visa has promised to co-operate through the investigative exercise but still maintains its innocence. Visa exudes confidence that its line of business has always conformed with the applicable laws.

The company disclosed details about some of the deals it has closed in recent years with some banks and businesses, terming all its deals lawful. It might seem to be a rather challenging moment for Visa currently, it isn’t apparent that Visa will be found guilty of any wrongdoing.