The discovery of the Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines continue to inspire hope among patients worldwide. However, something unusual happened on early Wednesday when Colorado’s vaccination site’s operations came to a sudden halt. The vaccine caused some undesirable effects among a “limited number” of persons, which forced the vaccination site to stop its vaccination activities.

Operations grind to a halt.

The sudden stop in operations compelled the management to send home hundreds of people that had waited for the vaccination for many hours. It was a disappointment considering that most of them hoped to receive a shot.

The site stopped the vaccination undertakings at 3:30 p.m, which was 90 minutes before the usual closing time. Centra Health happens to be the one in charge of the site, and it reveals details about the day’s operations. It outlines how about 11 persons ended up experienced reactions, which caused the management to bring the vaccination activities to a sudden halt. It also disclosed how personnel onsite moved with speed to rush two people to a nearby hospital. 

The move was part of the protocol

Wednesday witnessed experts at the site vaccinate about 1,700 people, hoping to do more over the coming days. Centra Health spoke out regarding the observable reactions upon the administration of the J&J vaccine, outlining that it was forced to stop the vaccination process in the site. 

It defends the action, outlining that the protocols in place provided for such a move. It also added that the move was part of its efforts to showcase an abundance of caution in the vaccination exercise. Centra Health decided after reaching an agreement with the state to pause the ongoing vaccination activities for the day’s remaining hours.

Centra Health reveals that about 640 persons that stood in line to get the shot went home after the rescheduling of their slots to Sunday. Journalists tried to press it for more information regarding the reactions the affected persons experienced, but their efforts did not yield results. 

Johnson & Johnson outlined that it wanted to continue with the vaccination activities but prioritized its safety and well-being. It added that it has always taken the adverse effects experienced by users with much seriousness.