Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google will open its first physical store In New York to sell Pixelbooks, Fitbit devices, Next Products, Pixel Phones.

The physical store will be positioned in the Chelsea neighborhood under its offices this summer. Google will hire experts to support installations, fix the cracked Pixel screen, and troubleshoot problems faced by the customers. It is an essential step in Google’s journey to hardware.

Google further said several customers want to try their hardware before making a purchase decision. According to the previous announcement, Google generates several billion dollars from its hardware sales. 

Temporary hardware stores

Over the years, Google opened temporary hardware stores in cities such as London, Chicago, and New York to allow customers for hands-on experience and make a purchase decision. The previous locations included a Pac-Man games display on a big screen and a doodle wall to infuse fun for the customers.

Previously, Google depended on Amazon and Best Buy and its website to market its products. Apple accomplished success by opening retail stores across the world. However, others failed to achieve success. 

Microsoft created its retail chain by establishing physical stores to allow customers experience its hardware and software. However, it announced plans in summer to shut down its 83 store locations and concentrate on sales of its products.

According to a communiqué released on Thursday, an antitrust authority in Italy imposed a fine of $123 million on the search giant for abusing its dominant position in Google Play and Android Mobile OS. 

The regulator said Google used its dominant position in controlling the reach of app developers. Google did not allow electric car drivers to recharge their vehicles using Italy-based Enel X, an electric vehicle services app – JuicePass. The ruling directed Google to permit the usage of Juice Pass on Android. 

Waymo to raise capital 

Waymo, the self-driving unit of Google, plans to raise $4 billion from outside investors. The company uses driverless cars for its ride-hailing services in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Waymo plans to invest the proceeds in the self-driving business. The company already raised $3.25 billion in 2020 from AutoNation. It also explores raising funds through IPO and reshuffles its executive team.