Net4Mobility selected Nokia (NYSE:NOK) to upgrade its 4G radio network with high speed and highly secure 5G network in Sweden. 

Nokia utilizes the AirScale platform

As per the terms of the 5-year deal, Nokia will utilize its AirScale platform to upgrade the existing 4G Radio networks of Net4Mobility, a JV between Telenor and Tele 2 – the Swedish mobile operators. It allows consumers in Sweden to enjoy high-speed 5G connectivity.

As part of the deal, Nokia will provide hardware like MIMO Adaptive Antenna solutions, Base Stations, and RAN (Radio Access Network) solutions from its AirScale line to Net4Mobility to upgrade its 4G network. It would help deliver low latency, ultra-high-speed, and highly secure 5G services to its subscribers.

Net4Mobility will also receive professional services such as network optimization services, implementation, integration, and technical support from Nokia as part of the deal. 

Ultra high speed 5G will benefit entertainment, cloud gaming, education, transportation, and healthcare. 

Net4Mobility would utilize its 3.5 GHz spectrum to provide 5G services to the dense urban population. Its 4G network will be replaced by 5G with the help of Nokia and expects to add several sites every year. 

Established in 2009, Net4Mobility offers 4G and 2G services. The company maintains the largest RAN network in Sweden. It facilitates 60% of network traffic in the nation. 

Net4Mobility offers 4G services to 99.9% of the population in Sweden and covers 90% of the nation. Previously Telenor and Tele2 selected Nokia for their cloud core network.

Telenor Sweden’s CTO, Jonas Edén, said the company would continue to offer 5G services to its subscribers in the nation. It already offers 5G services to customers in large cities across the nation.

Telenor Sweden plans to provide 5G services to 99.9% of the population by 2023. Jonas further said the company is pleased to extend its association with Nokia for high quality and innovative 5G services. 

Tele2’s CTO, Yogesh Malik, said the company is excited to commence a 5G rollout across the nation. It facilitates higher efficiencies, automation, and innovation for companies. 

President of Mobile Networks of Nokia, Tommi Uitto, said the company is pleased to get selected as a vendor to upgrade the network infrastructure of Tele2 and Telenor.