Novartis AG (NYSE:NVS) signed an agreement with Ada Health to extend its online offering to track immunological diseases. 

Patients benefit from Ada AI algorithms

Several patients search online to know their symptoms and identify the disease. But, diagnosis by several specialists is a necessity to find the exact cause and the disease to recommend treatment. The deal with Ada Health helps the patients to benefit from AI algorithms and differentiate the disorders.

The AI algorithms of Ada Health comprise a clinical data repository to match unconsidered conditions of the user. Ada’s software also collects data from the patients by asking questions and allows differentiation of diseases. 

Surveys do not offer a clinical diagnosis. But, they can help to know your symptoms from a list of illnesses and provide more details about those illnesses and choose the appointment with a nearby specialist. Ada’s assessment system maintains the confidentiality of your clinical data.

Novartis to use AI-based surveys

Novartis will utilize the AI-based surveys of Ada Health to expedite diagnosis of axSpA (axial spondyloarthritis), Mediterranean fever, and psoriatic arthritis. 

Chronic inflammatory form of arthritis – axSpA affects joints in the pelvis and spine. People in their mid-twenties used to develop axSpA. According to Ada, its symptoms are often confused with other chronic pain-causing conditions and diagnostic delays for up to five years.

Offers help with axSpA awareness site

Novartis will invite the patients to its axSpA awareness site to assess their condition and minimize delay for treatment. Ada already trained its AI model to differentiate between axSpA related symptoms and other health conditions. 

Novartis will combine the Ada’s AI model in different languages with its disease awareness sites worldwide. SVP (life sciences and rare diseases) of Ada Health, Vanessa Lemarié, said the users could assess their health condition using its AI model and make an informed decision to get the proper treatment. 

Novartis reported revenues of $12.4 billion in Q1 2021. It is on the backdrop of a 3% increase in volumes and a 2% drop in prices. 

The new medicines sales accounted for $10.1 billion of the overall sales.  Key growth drivers in Q1 2021 are Cosentyx, Entresto, and Zolgensma. 

Its cash flow is $2.1 billion from operating activities in Q1 2021.