The Covid-19 outbreak slowed down many businesses and didn’t spare Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE:UBER)  either. Things seem to be changing with the discovery of vaccines by some leading companies, and Uber looks forward to better times ahead characterized by increased profitability.

The company unveils several new features, which it believes with help achieve greater profitability. On top of the list is the company’s feature for booking vaccine appointments at Walgreens. Persons wanting to take jabs have an easy time doing so.

The company takes a “go-getter” approach

It was back on Wednesday that the company made the pronouncement, terming its move a “go get” strategy. The company seems more optimistic as it embarks on a return to normalcy. The past has been troublesome with months of shutdowns and declining profitability.

Most of the Uber drivers almost gave up on the business in the past, with some turning to food delivery and other activities. However, matters seem to be taking a remarkable turn. It was recently that the company started offering driver bonuses as an incentive to get them back to work. The number of riders has been shooting up, and the company wants to cater for their needs.

Drivers have been slow in getting back to work and seem less enthusiastic about the whole thing. It is a matter that has caused a lot of inconveniences for riders who had a pretty easy time moving about in the past. Uber hopes that the bonuses will motivate some of its drivers to spring back into action.

Valet service

Some of the company’s newest features include a valet service that will facilitate some crucial activities. For example, the service will offer about one hour wait time and move riders to airports. The vaccine booking feature seems to be a great addition in such crucial times when the Covid-19 variants are on the rise.

The company’s significant focus areas happen to be ride-hailing and delivery, and it intends to continue unveiling more desirable changes.

Uber has had its fair share of challenges ranging from drivers going to court to push the company to regard them as regular workers to a lady that accused the company of segregating her because of her special needs. However, Uber seems to be moving back to normalcy and anticipates increased profitability.