Document Security Systems Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN: DSS) has announced that Impact BioMedical Inc., its wholly-owned subsidiary, had been granted a notice of issuance (US 10,8966,424) for 3FDB by the US Patent and Trademark Office. 3FDB is a Functional Fragrance Formulation tech that enhances the effectiveness of present mosquito repellent via a delightful fragrant compound sourced from botanical oils.

3FDB formulation useful in mosquito repellants

The 3FDB mosquito formulation is an efficiency booster that works with current mosquito repellants like Picaridin, DEET, and IR3535. The booster inhibits two of the three receptors used by mosquitos to locate food, which in this instance are humans. 

Daryl Thompson, Impact Biomedical Director of Scientific Initiatives and GRDG Sciences LLC founder,  said that. In contrast, current mosquito repellants mainly target gustatory receptors in mosquitos. The 3FDB takes a multi-receptor strategy. It targets gustatory, olfactory receptors, and ionotropic in insects to produce a synergistic effect in repelling insects while inhibiting their ability to recognize and locate prey.

3FDB has several applications

Although 3FDB has numerous applications in daily life, the essential application may be the ability to save lives. Mosquitos contribute to over a million fatalities each year, as per the National Institutes of Health.  They can spread diseases like dengue fever, malaria, West Nile yellow fever, Zika, lymphatic filariasis, and chikungunya.

 Impact BioMedical’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr. Roscoe M. Moore Jr., said, “This patent could pave the way for increased protection from mosquito-borne diseases around the world.” The motivation of the company to find a solution to this worldwide health crisis was the desire to save lives. The team from Florida discovered it in their own backyard. The company found the solution to minimize mosquito bites in orchids, particularly the ghost orchid flower common in the Florida everglades and Cuba.