It is indeed true that Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE: UBER) has apologized for its recent erroneous email, but most of the drivers and delivery workers don’t seem to be taking it well. The company sent out an email to these parties raising their hopes about enjoying healt5h care coverage. 

The revocation 

Uber had been rather clear on its statement about shouldering its health insurance costs. Nevertheless, it revoked the offer, outlining that the email was intended to reach a select group in California.

The tussles between the company and its drivers continue attracting attention around the globe. The company has, over the years, pushed for the classification of its drivers as independent workers, something that they disagree with considering how the company continues controlling most of the activities, including bookings.

Matters get rather heated up at times, and there have been instances where the drivers have taken the company to court in a quest to get the benefits entitled to the permanently employed persons.

The other tussle involved a blind lady that complained of mistreatment by the company. The lady had a dog pet that she used as a guide. She complained about discrimination and took Uber to court. 

Burmila protest company’s move

The latest incident has touched a political science professor known as Edward Burmila, who lives in Raleigh, NC. He discloses how he spends his spare time driving Uber and is quite unhappy about revoking the offer. 

He opines, “I may be an atypical Uber driver — I have a PhD and so tend to think of these things in a political context — but it is part of the ludicrous song-and-dance the ride-share companies are always doing to maintain the fiction that their labor force are not employees or workers.”

He considers Uber to be quite insensitive and outlines that it only does things upon coercion.