To refrain companies from tracking users on tablets & android phones, Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is tightening its privacy practices. Although Google empowers users to get rid of personalized ads on android phones, tech-savvy professionals still manage to access the advertising ID of users through a distinctive series of characters that recognizes the user’s device. Through advertising ID, software developers monitor the app’s usage or let advertisers check and stop invalid traffic.

Thanks to the transformation, the developers will not get the advertising ID if a user opts out of personalized ads. They will only get series of zeros. This new feature that is going to kickstart in late 2021 will impact apps of phones having Android 12. According to the company’s policy update, the phones that support Google Play will also get this feature in 2022.

The changes are similar to Apple‘s (NASDAQ: AAPL) recently announced for iOS devices. However, Apple’s changes are not as intense as Google’s. For instance, for iPad & iPhone users, the changes brought by Apple empower users to refrain advertisers from tracking them. However, many tech giants like Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) condemned these changes. The company said that the users would get few relevant ads. This will not only affect users but will also hit small companies.

New Era

As people are getting aware of digital attacks and they want their data to be protected, the companies offering technological services are making significant changes in their policies, especially when it comes to privacy. In 2020, Google announced that it will stop support for third-parties cookies on chrome browser in two years.

However, as Google generates about 80 percent of its revenue from advertising, it needs to find alternate options to display ads on users’ mobile phones. Moreover, the company also needs to empower the advertisers to track the effectiveness of their ads. Google is dominating online advertising for more than ten years and is looking to capture 29 percent of the market in digital advertising in 2021.