Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) activated an in-cabin camera to monitor and alert the drivers when using Autopilot. 

The company updated the software to indicate if the driver has put the vehicle on autopilot mode. It also incorporated a closed-loop system to prevent automatic data transfer. 

Tesla also disabled the saving of imagery captured in the vehicle. However, the owner can enable data sharing to save and transmit data of the car.  

The company updated firmware following criticism from several people for not activating its in-car camera. It is on the backdrop of several owners misusing the Autopilot and sharing videos on TikTok and YouTube. For example, several car owners shared videos of putting the car in Autopilot mode and sitting on the back seat when moving at high speed on the highway. 

Tesla cars on Autopilot involved in crashes

Tesla cars with activated Autopilot are involved in several crashes on highways recently. It has necessitated activating an in-car camera above the rearview mirror.

Tesla is using its sensors fixed in the steering wheel to measure the torque. It necessitates drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel. However, drivers shared a trick on social media to fool the sensors thinking that a human hand is on the steering wheel. 

According to a communiqué to TechCrunch, Senior Director (Auto Testing) at CR, Jake Fisher, said several consumer reports call for activation of an in-car camera to monitor driver activity in automation systems such as Tesla. 

Sensing torque on the Tesla Car wheel does not tell whether the driver focuses on the road. If the software update effectively prevents the distraction of a driver and ensures safety, it can save several lives. Jake expects the updation of all cars soon to evaluate them. 

Pay additional $10,000 for FSD

Tesla offers Autopilot, a driver assistance system, in its vehicles. Customers can pay an additional $10,000 to get their cars fitted with FSD or a full self-driving system. FSD comprises Navigate on Autopilot and Summon, a parking feature. The driver needs to feed in the destination in their navigation system and trigger Navigate on the Autopilot to begin the trip.