The CEO of  Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ: FB), Mark Zuckerberg, has hinted at bringing shopping to the WhatsApp platform. This leader says the plans underway are geared towards improving serving delivery and enhancing lives. 

The new shift favors sellers and product consumers, and Facebook thinks it is impressive that it is edging to a point where it makes it possible to spend money on its elaborate platform. It mentions Instagram and WhatsApp and moves ahead to expound on the four upcoming features. It is a new dawn for Facebook users as they approach a new age of technological advancements that present them with Shop Ads, Shops on WhatsApp, and Market place.

Focusing on the essence of the shops

Facebook users stare at a great future ahead, where they get to enjoy easy and flawless shopping experiences. The new design allows users to engage businesses through chats before eventually buying particular products. 

The shops on the marketplace have their provisions on what the sellers need to do, which must be adhered to for smoother business operations. The sellers are expected to focus on the establishment of online stores on the company’s platform. The good thing about heeding to this directive is that it enables the sellers to increase their presence on multiple platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. 

The workings of the Instagram Visual Search

The Instagram Visual Search will play the unique role of assisting the platform users in finding products more efficiently. It is a shopping experience where users check out images and choose what they would like to buy. The Shop Ads will be about personalization and taking users straight to what they want in any shop’s curated collection. 

Facebook has disclosed information about the services coverage, outlining that shops in Market Place will only be accessible in the US in the meantime. Facebook confirms that the feature will later expand to cover more countries.