Component shortages continue to be a matter of significant concern for the wide-ranging companies focusing on manufacturing things. Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) has been adversely affected, and iPhone users might need to make their orders for the shiny new iPhone with more determination than has been the case before. 

Maestri speaks out

 Apple CFO Luca Maestri was the official that took advantage of the earnings call to unveil the bad news to the iPhone fans. Analysts had given their projections beforehand, outlining that the earning calls session could have been the perfect opportunity to break the bad news. 

Reports indicate that the term “constraints” were repeated severally during the earning call. Maestri has been following the company’s trends rather closely and has quickly pointed out the change this time around.

Shortage of parts becomes an issue of concern

The official says that their September quarter is, in most cases, characterized by more severe supply constraints as compared to the situation in their June Quarter. The leader reveals that the sections t5aht will be hit harder, and those are the iPhones and the iPads.

It is rather challenging to dispute that Apple’s iPhones happen to be part of the best ones any buyer could find in the markets. These gadgets are known for some outstanding attributes, including compelling hardware designs, an ecosystem that appeals to the masses, outstanding camera technology, responsive performance, and regular updates for years.

The other exciting attributes have been the significant improvements in battery life and more improvements the company continues making to its devices. 

CEO Tim Cook opines, ” We do have some shortages, in addition to that, that are where the demand has been so great and so beyond our own expectation that it’s difficult to get the entire set of parts within the lead times that we try to get those. So, it’s a little bit of that as well.”