Xiaomi Corporation sales increased by 26%, resulting in a 17.1% share of the total smartphones sold globally in June. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, combined with Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL), sold 15.7%, translating to 14.3% of the global smartphone sales.

XIACF is growing rapidly

Counterpoint research showed that  XIACF was the second-largest smartphone brand in the 2Q 2021. The leading brand was Apple in the 2Q 2021.

Research by Strategists analytics showed that XIACF has been leading the European market between April and June. XIACF took a market share of 25% in smartphone sales in Europe from April to June.

Since Huawei’s decline was witnessed, XIACF has been thriving to replace the market. “Xiaomi has been expanding their market in Huawei’s legacy markets in China, the Middle East, and Africa,” said Tarun Pathak, research director of counterpoint.

India, being the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market, is now dominated by Xiaomi smartphones. However, XIACF maintained its high dominance in India by taking four of the top five spots. As a result, smartphones shipment to India reduced by 13% in 2Q 2021 compared to the 1Q 2021.

Counterpoint report also unveiled that Samsung reduced sales in June due to the high Covid-19 cases in Vietnam. Samsung noted that the drop in June sales resulted from lockdown due to Covid 19. They also said that sales are expected to come to normal not long from now.

A sign of stiff competition

Early this year, XIACF launched  Mi 11 Ultra, aimed at International markets to replace the Huawei market.  Mi 11 Ultra makes HKG: 1810 enter stiff competition with KRX: 005930 and NASDAQ: AAPL giants. XIACF also launched its first foldable phone to compete with Samsung Galaxy.

Mi 11 Ultra has a starting price of 5,999 yuan ($928). Samsung is expected to launch the next Galaxy on August 11. Evan Blass leaked this information in a thread of tweets and GIFs of two Galaxy foldable smartphones. Apple will be launching iPhone 13 next month. iPhone 13 is said to contain bigger camera bumps this year.