Jeff Bezos is making a grand gesture towards conserving biodiversity in areas such as the tropical Pacific Ocean, the Congo Basin, and the Andes. It was sometime back that the leader gave out his  $10 billion climate philanthropy pledge. He said that he takes the $1 billion from the total amount to serve the mentioned areas.

Bezos and his new perspective

The official has been at the help of the company’s leadership for over three decades. Reports show Amazon as one of the companies with a massive and growing carbon footprint, but its leader seems to be up to something. He seems focused on forging a new identity that portrays him as an environmentalist. His significant contribution also showcases him as one of the most generous financiers globally in staging a solid fight against climate change. The Amazon leader speaks out about his recent trip to space, outlining that it opened up his mind to new perspectives that were quite enlightening.

Bezos opines, “Nature is our life support system and it’s fragile. I was reminded of this just this July when I went into space with Blue Origin. I’d heard that seeing the Earth from space changes one’s point of view of the world, but I was not prepared for just how much that would be true.”

The sharp contrast

The leader uttered the statement in a press conference held on Monday. No one can deny that the fundraising effort has been quite notable. In addition, Bezos seems more inclined to environmental protection than ever before. 

Analysts try to draw a close link between his charitable acts and the fact that he has been at the helm of a company that has been linked to staggering carbon footprints. But, unfortunately, the company happens to be one of those who emit the highest carbon emissions levels into the atmosphere.

 The emissions have kept rising since 2018 and haven’t gone down even when there have been slight improvements in other companies. For example, there was a time when the global carbon emissions dropped by about 7%, but the company recorded a 19% rise.