Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG), Google never disappoints its users. The group is always in the quest for introducing something new in the form of innovation or technology. Whether from creating doodles featured on its search engine home page to updating features on its Google email, the corporate giant has made news for doing what it loves doing.

The company has created new profile pictures for Gmail

Many users use Gmail for personal and professional reasons. Therefore, the widely used Gmail has an all-new look and feel. Thanks to the latest addition. The team of professionals at Alphabet Inc Class C, Google, has introduced allowing users to select and use an image for their profile. The group calls them Google Illustrations. The announcement about the new feature was made recently. The images are created by a team of experts at the company and come in handy when the user does not wish to use their image. They are colorful, and taking a look at them makes us want to believe that there is one for everyone. Besides this, the Google Illustrations images are designed to match the mood of the user. In a nutshell, through the image, the user can symbolically convey their mood. The advantage of the set of images is that they can be changed as often as the user intended.

Alphabet Inc Class C, Google takes a different approach from Snap’s Bitmoji or Microsoft’s Xbox avatars

The new Google Illustrations concept is a tad different from its predecessors like Snap’s Bitmoji or Microsoft’s Xbox avatars which give users to represent what they look like but in style. Instead, the Google Illustrations version gives users the option to choose from a range of things and places that the user can associate with.

Google Illustrations currently available for Android users per se

According to the corporate house, Google Illustrations is available for users on the Android platform only. However, a source from the group shared that the company is taking steps and measures to introduce a new concept of Illustrations and new products to users of the iOS and web. Furthermore, it has come to light that the company is updating the bank of images it currently has. So the next time you revisit the section, don’t be surprised if you have finally found an idea that you cherish.