SHARE, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) created the world-famous voice learning assistant christened Alexa. With Alexa, the process of learning to do new things does not stop. Experts share the opinion that the voice learning assistant has only gotten better with time.

Alexa is in the process of mastering a few new tricks, Inc., Amazon’s voice learning assistant, is in the process of learning a few new tricks, which will be put to use soon. Throwing light on this new development, a group member shared that the user can program the voice learning assistant to identify particular or niche sounds. The same, in turn, will help in initiating an intelligent home action when the voice assistant hears the sound of your choice. Furthermore, it is learned that the user can have them set up programmed in such a manner to have an Echo device emit an inaudible ultrasound wave. Doing this can be detected if the home is occupied, and compatible devices will be automatically turned off.

The voice learning assistant is trained to identify the sound of a baby crying

A source from the company shared that it has spent a lot of time, money, and resource in training the voice learning assistant., Inc. carried out many sound detection experiments in the past. As a result, Alexa is now armed to identify the sound of human snoring, and it can even detect babies crying. Furthermore, the voice learning assistant has turned the ability to identify breaking glass and smoke alarm sirens into its Alexa Guard feature in 2018 and 2019.

Alexa is capable of doing more

According to the company, its voice learning assistant is capable of performing more than just this. According to the group, when trained, the voice assistant can even recognize when the user leaves the fridge’s door open. The same is conveyed to the user through a beep sound, prompting the user to shut the door. However, the group is not making any official statement about the developments.

However, it is learned that the group made an official announcement about the feature when it also unveiled its sizable new Echo Show 15 smart display, which is armed with a custom AZ2 Neural Edge chip capable of doing a part of its processing. Furthermore, it remains unclear if the Echo devices will need that new chip to make it function.