Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) has finally completed the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse. The project, which the company began in 2019, collects plastic from the ocean, uses it to create resin, and then makes the mouse. While many products are made from plastic bound for the ocean, Microsoft stands out as it retrieves plastic thrown into the sea.

With experts estimating that the ocean could have more plastic than fish by 2050, the project could not come at a better time. The project was part of the company’s plan to reduce waste by 2030. SABIC aided the company in the collection, cleaning, and transportation of plastic. The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse is currently available for pre-order.

Another product released by the company is the Surface Slim Pen 2. The item had new haptic features due to a new chip and a longer and sharper tip. However, only a few apps support it, including Sketchable, Whiteboard, and Excel.

Microsft lists third-party apps to its store

Microsft has invited third-party apps to integrate into its store about a month after it first announced significant changes to the store. A few apps have already been listed on the site. These include Visual Studio, TeamViewer, VLC, Zoom, and Discord. Browsers such as Yandex Browser and Opera mini have also been listed.

Microsoft has also announced the launch of Microsoft Cloud for financial services on November 1. It will include purchase and account protection, customer onboarding, and an optimal experience for employees.

Microsoft announces acquisition of Ally

The company has also acquired for an undisclosed amount. It plans to incorporate the software into its Viva family and communicate its goals with employees more transparently. The acquisition of Ally will also allow it to achieve faster growth than it would have individually.

Microsoft has experienced a surge in stock price after each of these announcements and product releases. The company reported a successful fourth quarter in July with an EPS of $2.17 and $46.2 billion in revenue. This marks four consecutive successful quarters for the company. The company is expected to report an estimated EPS of $43.75 million on its next quarter, increasing 18% from the same quarter in 2020.