Visa Inc (NYSE: V) has put a smile on its cardholder’s face. The group has recently announced a series of benefits for its cardholders. From being eligible for, if not free, discount on personal shopping and delivery services, to access to online classes, to exclusive tickets to concerts, among other benefits, Visa Inc customers are in for perks

It is raining benefits for Visa Inc cardholders

The benefits were announced on September 20. Visa Infinite cardholders get the maximum benefits. The same is followed by customers who hold Visa Signature cards. Cardholders of other U.S. Visa cards are eligible for the third tier of benefits. For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card is a Visa Infinite card, and the Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards credit card comes in the category of Visa Signature cards.

New services are offered by companies including Shipt, Skillshare, and Sofar Sounds

For purchases made at stores including CVS, Costco, and Target, Shipt offers a personal shopping experience and delivery services. An annual Shipt Everyday membership is $99. Members who purchase over $35 are automatically eligible for free delivery. Meanwhile, Skillshare offers virtual classes in animation, web development, and business analytics specialties. While the annual membership is priced at $180, the monthly membership fee is $32.

Meanwhile, Sofar Sounds are known to put on concerts in more than 400 cities across the globe. Depending on the availability, early bird tickets to shows can cost anywhere between $10 and $30. According to reports in the media, Shipt, Skillshare, and Sofar Sounds offer the benefits depending on the Visa Inc card the customer holds. Visa Infinite, Visa Signature, and Visa Traditional are the group’s three variations of credit cards.

How good are the benefits?

These offers are worth it for customers who enjoy a concert, wish to learn a new skill and those who like to have their groceries delivered to their doorstep. However, customers who hold any of the Visa Traditional credit cards do not qualify for the discount offered by Skillshare. Additionally, the perks must go down the drain in a vicinity where Shipt or Sofar Sounds are non-operational. To be sure that an area is serviceable by Shipt, the best thing to do is to enter the zip code on the company’s official website and do a check. Also, Sofar Sounds posts the list of cities where it services online.