Ensemble Capital mentioned MasterCard Inc. (NYSE: MA) and discussed about its stand on the company in its Q3 2021 investor letter.

MasterCard down 0.26% year to date 

MasterCard is a Purchase, Harrison financial services firms with a market cap of $351.2 billion.  Since the beginning of the year, MasterCard has delivered a return of -0.26, but its 12-month returns are 7.34% up. MasterCard shares closed at $356 per share on October 15, 2021.

In its investor letter, Ensemble said, “Mastercard’s role as a payment network has seen strong growth as the economic recovery around the world continues, and customers go back to more regular spending habits. Core spending growth of 38% against the highly impacted COVID affected quarter last year and 25% over 2019 levels are fueling revenue growth of 20%+ despite still depressed cross border fees, whose expected recovery from a resumption in travel, has been delayed by the Delta variant waves. In addition, a lot of news flow about potential rival small but fast-growing payment tech firms has dampened sentiment on the stock but we believe the bar is high for firms to compete instead of partnering with Mastercard to transact payments. The stock finished the quarter down 3% and is flat for the year.”

US Bank Business Triple Cash Rewards Elite MasterCard offers introductory APR.

US Bank made a splash following the US Bank Business Triple cash rewards World Elite MasterCard card launch. The card offers enhanced cashback in various categories considered vital to small-business owners. In addition, the US Bank Business Triple Cash Rewards World Elite MasterCard and Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card offer generous rewards to members, and both have a welcome offer and an introductory APR promotional period.

The Tropical Financial Credit Union MasterCard Elite is considered a great card for those who want to settle balances “a little at a time” due to its lack of balance transfer fee and low fixed APR.