Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) CEO Jack Dorsey told TED Conference some years back that he created a product that fosters ugly human behavior.

Twitter not proceeding with feature warning users about heated chats

Dorsey pointed that misinformation, manipulation, harassment are issues that social media networks such as Twitter encourage. He added that “like” counts and follower numbers motivate users to increase the numbers that mean saying controversial or outrageous things.

Over the years, social media networks have been writing guidelines and more rules to keep users in line. Twitter is looking to change its product to persuade users to behave themselves.  The changes include a pop-up that shows up when a user is about to criticize someone in a reply.

Early last month, the company announced a feature warning users that the discussion they are about to get into might get heated. The move was part of Twitter’s “conversational health initiative.” The feature was for Android and iOS platforms for piloting.

However, reports indicate that the company is now pulling the plug on this feature. The new feature wasn’t popular among the few randomized user accounts eligible for the prompts. The feature is not the first time Twitter has clawed back in a new feature.

Twitter changes ad feature algorithm. 

Twitter has overhauled the algorithm responsible for the ads that users see and updated its advertisement features.  The changes come as the company works to set a foundation for creating new e-commerce functions. For example, the company indicated it is in the process of creating tools to help businesses use personalized ads to locate customers.

Former US President Donald Trump could block lawmakers from accessing presidential documents associated with the January 6 insurrection. However, he can’t block Twitter users from mocking him on the platform. Trump filed a lawsuit on Monday against the House committee probing  the January 6 insurrection, labeling the requests an “illegal fishing expedition.”