Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) CEO Sundar Pichai has said that more employees are returning to offices amid the pandemic.  The company’s San Francisco Bay Area officers are  30% filled, while the New York offices have almost half of their employees in offices.

Google on the path towards sustainability 

Pichai is anticipating running a tech company with zero carbon emissions, and it will take more than just money to realize the goal. The company’s latest campus, Google Bay View, comprises three squat buildings close to the San Francisco Bay coastline, and the roofs of these buildings are fitted with solar panels. The search engine giant calls the roof design of the buildings Dragon scale.

Google is updating its Google TV with the addition of customized profiles and watchlists. In addition, the company is finding a way of making multiuser households enjoy watching by adding personalized profiles and personalized Google Assistant. Previously Google TV allowed the use of multiple accounts, but content recommendation, Google Assistant, and watchlist feature were based on the primary account.

The company’s latest phones have made early appearances in leaks, so, unsurprisingly, someone got a retail-boxed Pixel 6 unit before the launch. Unfortunately, a user @cristianDimbio  unboxed the phone by removing the “Sporta Seafoam” green device from the carrier without more details.

Google making changes in Chrome 

In recent months Google Chrome’s 2.6 billion users have experienced several security threats, but now Google is issuing the biggest warning itself. The Register has warned that changes the company is making regarding the browser will break main website features, and there is nothing one can do since it is by design. Google is planning to stop supporting some elements of JavaScript dialogs and alerts through third-party iframes.

The football, baseball, and hockey seasons are back. Still, for tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, it is an opportunity to pour money into advertising their cloud computing products during premier sporting events.