Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT) shares jumped last week to an all-time since August hitting $307.48, its intraday record on August 20, 2021. The software company emerged as the first mega-cap stock returning to record levels despite the concerns regarding rising bond yields pressuring the group in the past weeks.

Microsoft executives warned Bill Gates about inappropriate emails

According to Wall Street Journal, two Microsoft executives had warned its founder Bill Gates over a decade ago against emailing a female employee. In 2008 executives learned about then inappropriate emails Gates sent to the female employee who was a full-time worker.

Microsoft spokesperson Frank Shaw said that they learned about the emails in 2008 in which Gates was asking the employee for a meeting off-campus and outside of work.  Shaw stated that although the emails were flirtatious, they weren’t blatantly sexual but were inappropriate.  Following the discovery of the emails, Gates informed the board that he had done an inappropriate thing, and the board didn’t take any action. Gates will later leave his position as the company’s but remained a board member until last year.

Alibaba launches a new server chip 

Alibaba Holding Ltd (NYSE: BABA) has launched a server chip as the Chinese e-commerce giant looks to boost its cloud computing business and take on rivals such as Amazon.  This comes as most Chinese tech companies foray into the chip business. The processors dubbed Yitian 710 will be used in the latest servers called Panjiu. However, the company will not sell the servers and chips directly to clients, but the3 company’s cloud computing customers will acquire services based on this latest tech.  Alibaba has designed the chips for AI applications and storage.

The company specifies the timeframe on availability to customers of services based on these new chips and servers. Alibaba won’t manufacture the chip but will design it instead.