SHARE, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is among many companies that use Apache Log4j. This software has a vulnerability which many hackers are trying to use. The U.K and the U.S have already warned people about attack risks.

The Dutch National Cyber Security Centrum has already made a list of software the vulnerability has affected, such as Cisco Systems Inc (NASDAQ: CSCO) networking tools and Amazon’s cloud products.

Amazon launches portal for sports fans

Amazon has also launched a portal for sports fans to browse through products with their team names, thus making shopping easier. The Amazon Fan Shop covers fans who support the NFL, WNBA, NWSL, NBA, MLS, NHL, MLB, and NCAA.

Amazon has also slashed the Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow set from $40 to $28. The offer included free shipping if you are a member of Amazon Prime. The pillow is made of gel-filled fiber and cotton, making it firm but soft. You can also use it year-round as it is suitable for regulating temperature.

Furthermore, Amazon offers the 41mm GPS mod of the Apple Watch Series 7 for $350. This price is a $50 reduction.

In addition, Amazon has its IMDb available on the PlayStation5 in the U.S. the app has been on the PS4 and Xbox for some time this year. Users will now watch Amazon Original series and other licensed movies.

Amazon is donating to Goodwill NYNJ

The company is also donating to Goodwill NYNJ to puppets its workforce readiness and training initiative. Goodwill NYNJ gives its members employment support through community-building activities, training, mental health services, career assessment, retention, and employment through its Jobs-Plus program.

Meanwhile, Bachan’s CEO, Justin Gill, which sells the top sauce on Amazon, sat down to discuss the difficulties he faced opening the business and how he got inspiration from his grandmother. The sauce is named Bachan, a name his family uses to refer to his grandmother. Gill says that it took a lot of work to turn their homemade recipe into a product with a stable shelf life. However, with the support of his family, he was able to launch his business.