Meta Platforms Inc’s (NASDAQ: FB) former employee Frances Haugen leaked several internal documents that showed the company’s struggle with keeping Facebook safe for its users. Since the leak, the company has faced a lot of criticism. Adam Mosseri, one of the company’s executives, even had to stop plans for making Instagram for children under 13.

The leak could affect the company even more in 2022 as governments worldwide create policies to regulate social media companies. Moreover, it could affect Meta’s plans of attracting a younger audience, which the company has struggled with.

The Department of Defense sets up a Santa tracking website

In 1955, the Continental Air Defense Command Operations Center Colorado got a call from a child asking where Santa was. The bot was using an advertisement that had instructions on calling Santa. However, the number of the newspaper was incorrect. The child wasn’t the only one to call that day, and the workers replied to all of them. Since then, tracking Santa began through NORAD, which they formed in 1958.

By 2021, the Department of Defense (DoD) launched a website to track Santa. The website has holiday games and music and can help children track Santa through Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites.

The website will also have a live map that shows children where Santa is. In addition, it will have a counter of gifts that Santa will deliver to them at a particular time.

Meta has added features to News Feed

In 2021, Meta revealed how their News Feed ranking works and how they choose what to distribute. Moreover, the company added features that would allow users to make direct comments, thus reducing bad experiences and managing the News Feed.

The changes Meta made to News Feed include reducing political content. It also added features such as Feed the Filter Bar, Favorites, and Choose Who Can Comment. These features enabled users to manage what they share and control on the platform.

Despite the changes, the company continues to evaluate the efficiency of the ranking. It frequently removes the Transparent Authorship signal as it did not significantly impact the news.