Experts have stated that they expect the global programmable logic controller market to increase in the forecast period due to more industries applying automation processes. The growth is also because more industries are paying attention to energy consumption.

A programmable logic controller helps to evaluate input devices efficiently. Moreover, it regulates output devices. This system comes with several benefits, including withstanding humidity, noise, and high temperature. Furthermore, it enables more straightforward programming.

A report on the Programmable Logic Controller Market states the most critical factors accelerating growth. It also analyses the role different regions play in growth.

The global enterprise and asset management market will grow

Meanwhile, another report has stated that the global enterprise asset management (EAM) market will grow from $5,682.1 to $21 471.3 by 2030 as the industry lowers maintenance and operational costs. EAM does this by providing good insights into decisions on capital investment, lowering the costs of procuring materials, and monitoring operations.

Experts predict an increase in the demand for EAM service, including upgrading, monitoring, training, consulting, deployment, and integration. So far, the manufacturing industry uses the most EMA services as it involves many machines, warehouses, laborers, and factories.

The global smart city market report

The Global Smart City Market Report is also out. The report states that the market could experience increased growth due to a surge of investments in the sector. Its market value could reach $ 151.99 billion between 2921-2025.

The report analyzes what clients could use to enhance their market position. In addition, it analyzes specific smart city market vendors such as Siemens AG, SAP AE, Oracle Corp, and ABB Ltd.

Moreover, the report could help clients identify challenges and trends affecting the market growth. The information could also enable companies to leverage and strategize new opportunities.

Another report that is out is on the global Grid-Scale Battery Market. This report analyzes upcoming challenges, growth factors, trends, forecasts, and market size. It also evaluates 25 vendors in the market.

The study discusses the factors that could lead to market growth, including an increasing demand for electricity and urbanization. The analysis includes companies such as NGK Insulators Ltd.