SHARE, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) might be pulling Kindle from China. The company has removed Kindle listings on JD, Taobao, T-Mall, and Alibaba retail channels. While some products remain on the WeChat Store, they are out of stock. Moreover, Amazon appears to have disbanded its China Kindle team in November.

In 2013, the commonly launched Kindle in China. Since then, it has released several models in the country, including Kindle Migu X, which allowed users to use both bookstores. 

Many people are curious why Amazon would pull out of China despite stating that it was one of its biggest markets a few years ago. The reason could be that Amazon is facing competition from other brands, including Hanvon, iFlytek, Reader, Onyx Boox, and Boyue.

Amazon states that claims of an Amazon token are scams

Amazon has also said that claims that it has started a presale of its crop to currency tokens are false. Furthermore, Avast, an Internet security firm, has noted an increase of scams that tell customers of an Amazon token. The scams have so far been successful. Fortunately, Avast protected about 300 of its users in one week.

A membership on Amazon Prime could give customers access to the secret section of Amazon sales known as Just For Prime.

Moreover, Amazon Prime members get additional discounts on certain products, such as the Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, with an extra $20 off. They also get $120 off on the Uoni S1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Amazon has also offered its customers 55% off on plant-based protein shakes and powders. The products have less fat and calories than animal-based shakes. 

Meanwhile, Seth Sigham, a Guggenheim analyst, noted that factors such as labor shortages and supply chain disruptions limited growth for Amazon in 2021. However, Sigham states that investors should buy stock early before growth levels in the second quarter. 

Silverleafe Capital Partners LLC, an investment company, has also bought Amazon, thus adding to its holding by 876.91%.

Katherine Sellery becomes Amazon best-selling author

The CEO and Founder of the Conscious Parenting Revolution, Katherine Sellery, is now three times best-selling author on Amazon for her book 7 Strategies To Keep Your Relationship With Your Relationship With Your Kids From Hitting Boiling Point. Sellery has helped many medical professionals, social workers, educators, and parents change and view their response to children.