Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB) advises investors to buy Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL). Sidney Ho, the Bank’s analyst, stated that the company possessed a healthy demand backdrop and a strong portfolio. 

Ho further added that the Bank believed that the street estimate for CY22 revenue growth of only +5% is too low, with the push-out of some revenue from the calendar year 2021 already accounting for 3% growth. 

Despite the steady climb in the Treasury yields, shares from big tech companies dropped by 1.5% in pre-market trading. Apple’s shares fell nearly 3%, while the tech-stock heavy Nasdaq Composite has dropped nearly 6%.

Apple and other big tech companies are opposed to a new legislation

There is an outrage by big techs following the approaching new legislation that the Senate Judiciary Committee plans to pass. The legislation,  if passed, could loosen Big Tech’s grasp on consumers; however, there has been support from a few small companies. 

The legislation includes the  American Innovation and Choice Online Act, which prevents Big Tech from favoring their services over others, and the Open App Markets Act, which promotes competition on app stores. Companies such as Google and Apple have written letters that publicly oppose these new legislations. 

The company’s AirTags serve as a tool for people who lose things; however, their recent reviews indicate that stalkers use them without the owner’s knowledge. The features communicate with the company’s network therefore if one is near your AirTag, the network will send a notification to your device. 

Apple will develop digital car key feature for Hyundai cars

Apple developed its first digital car key feature in 2020 and was only available on a few BMW models. However, reports indicate that the feature would be developed for Hyundai’s cars. The company’s find names for their products by developing spider diagrams and charts that outline every potential word that fits. 

The company is in the process of naming its AR/VR Headsets that will fit with the consumer’s desires. Additionally, apple TV+ recently unveiled a full-length trailer for Severance, the latest series directed and exec produced by Emmy and DGA Award winner Ben Stiller.