A recent Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) study conducted by George Washington University discovered that parenting groups from Facebook are filled with misinformation from extremist groups. Social media has been a hub of misinformation. However, the study authors reported a rise during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The study revealed several conspiracy theories, such as the pre-COVID conspiracy theory. It also revealed the influence of parenting groups on Facebook by providing alternative health and wellness messages that inspire means to keep the immune system healthy.

HornHub predicts it will be the Facebook of content creation online

A new platform known as Hornhub has been recently developed to bridge the gap between content creation and cryptocurrency. Hornhub aims to be the world’s first global subscription engine for fans and content developers. 

Using the platform, content creators can create and run their own secure personal hub to connect directly with fans and instantly earn from original content. The project also incorporates a trio of fundamental utilities that link together to form the company’s foundation.

After extensive preparation, the platform is to launch its beta platform and has spent over six months developing and creating tremendous waves in the industry. The platform aims to become the Facebook of content creation without the publicized scandals. The team has combined meticulous work with a high level of expertise, despite being in a demanding industry. 

With a month to its launch, HornHub steadily added talented content creators to its unique platforms, such as M-Press, a music producer connected with the most prominent artists in Canada and news media. The platform will also provide content not available anywhere else and plans to bring several French and English artists to join.

Judge faces backlash for overturning a sexual assault conviction 

A judge based in Illinois was removed from presiding over criminal cases after reversing his decision to convict a teen with sexual assault. The ruling gathered backlash from sexual assault survivors and the high school student affected by the rape case. 

Judge Adrian kicked the attorney for the Adams County state’s attorney’s office, Josh Jones, out of the courtroom. He excused Jones because he liked a Facebook post criticizing the Judge’s decision.