Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) recently announced that it was dealing with the safety concern issues relayed by consumers over the AirTag trackers. The trackers were responsible for several stalking incidents reported in the previous year. However, the company announced it was making alterations to the software. 

The alterations will fix the fake alerts initiated by Airpods and other necessary updates that will improve the tracing of unwanted AirTags. Apple further released a statement saying they collaborated with the required law enforcement officials to regulate the situation. 

The company further added that only a few reports were made regarding the AirTags. However, it believes that getting a handle on the plight is better than waiting for a massive blowout. Apple further added that the updates would fasten the process of notifying the authorities if an unknown tracker may be on them. 

The company intends to significantly increase its profit margins for its U.S. retail store employees as it struggles to keep up with a competing labor market and the current pandemic. Apple is making alterations for all its employees.

Apple releases a MacOS 12.2 battery update

Apple also launched an update on MacOS 12.2 battery after several consumers complained about its quick battery drain. Some of the complaints remitted included the draining of the battery when the user places the computer in sleep mode.

The company offered an update on the computer’s Bluetooth feature and assured consumers that every update was sufficient. Apple also released a statement stating that it was in the process of acquiring a startup that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate a music list for the consumer. 

The company also announced its intention to join the 3D printing of electronics market, as the demand to have more features in slimmer results is rising. 

Apple acknowledges that iOS bug recorded customer interactions

During a press conference, the company admitted that an iOS 15 bug recorded consumers’ interactions with Siri via their electric devices even though they opted not to utilize it. The bug reportedly authorized a setting that allows Apple to record and review consumers’ conversations with Siri. Apple says it discovered the big shortly after launching iOS 15 and deleted information it had received.