Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) and Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE: TM) have stopped production because of the anti-mask mandate protests at the Canada-U.S border. Protesting truckers closed the Ambassador Bridge, a supply route for agricultural products and carmakers in Detroit.

Many car makers based in Detroit have been affected by the protest. However, other reasons prevent production, including semiconductor shortage and severe weather.

The Ford F-150 has been the U.S’s top-selling truck for about 45 years. The reason is that the vehicle suits various purposes such as a performance machine, luxury car, off-road, work truck, and commuter vehicle.

Moreover, you can choose the tire for the F-150 to suit the purpose as manufacturers make many of them. These wheels are different tread widths and sizes, and you can consult to find the one most appropriate for you.

The Ford Maverick wins an award

Meanwhile, Ford Maverick has won the Driver’s Choice Award for the MotorWeek 2022. The vehicle is known for its versatility, advanced connectivity, and affordability. The car revived the award during a digital ceremony on February 10.

Ford also updated FordPass, its remote vehicle app. Reports indicate that it has image files that hint at a feature that allows driverless parking. Remote parking could enable drivers to park in tight garages without getting stuck.

Ford misses its Q4 estimates

Ford also missed forecasts for the fourth quarter of 2021. The company made 26 cents per share in adjusted earnings. However, Zacks analyst had predicted that it would have 43 dents per share.

Ford’s underperformance was due to pretax loss in Europe and low contributions from North America. The earnings were lower than those of the previous year, which were 34 cents per share. Fortunately, the company earned a revenue of $37 billion. This figure was a 4.7% year-over-year increase.

James Farley, the CEO of Ford, and Patti Poe, the CEO of PG&E Corporation, has received an invitation to speak at CERAWeek at IHS Markit, 2022 Houston, between March 7 and 11. The CEO will sit with Daniel Yergin, IHS Markit’s Vice Chair and the moderator for the event, to discuss the development of electric cars and how it would affect relationships between electric power and auto industries.