Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is no longer selling its products in Russia. This decision came after Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukraine officials have asked technology companies to cut back or entirely halt selling their products to Russia.

Apple has also limited Apple Pay. Moreover, the company will no longer have Sputnik News and RT News on its Apple Store in countries other than Russia. The company also has disabled live and traffic incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine to ensure the safety of Ukrainians.

Apple announced that CODA, an apple Original, has gotten nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Best Picture Nomination from the Oscars. Now the company has announced that it received two Screen Actors Guild

After Apple launched its AirTag trackers last year, customers were impressed by how effectively they found lost items. However, critics noted that the device could be used to stalk people. Unfortunately, many people have already used the trackers to stalk others.

Apple is partnering with Stüssy

Apple is partnering with Stüssy, a fashion brand, to release a limited-edition model of the Beats Pill Plus. This news comes a month after the company quietly discontinued its Beats Pill Plus. Apple originally released this speaker in 3015, shortly after it acquired Beats. The company spent $3 billion on the transaction.

Meanwhile, the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, has found that the Apple Watch will give little benefit for people with atrial fibrillation. Apple marketed the watch by stating it could help with the early detection of the disease. Despite this, researchers point out that this won’t be helpful as most physicians won’t prescribe medication for the disease.

The new design for iPhone is raising interest

The new design and price leaks of the iPhone 14 are piquing many customers’ interest. This has been made apparent with the new information on the device’s upgrade. Elec has revealed that Apple has purchased OLED technology from Samsung to use on iPhone 14 pro models.

Apple is competing with other tech giants like Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) and Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) for space in the Metaverse. Meta has already put $10 billion into the project and expects to add more with time.