Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) is shutting down Campus two years after its launch. Campus, which was for college students, was Facebook’s efforts to increase its young users. Users could join chat rooms, events, and groups based on college life. They also had access to a directory that led them to other college students on the app and a special news feed.

Facebook has given Campus users until March 10 to download their data. After this, the company will delete the platform and all its content. Moreover, the company has suggested similar Facebook groups that its users could join.

Facebook first launched Campus in September 2020 to 30 schools in the U.S. At the time, students could only interact with users from their schools. While some considered it part of the Facebook platform, it was kept separate so users could have different profiles on the two platforms.

Study shows Facebook makes users lonely

Facebook later expanded the platform to 60 colleges and was set to widen in January 2022. The company’s change of plans shows its failure to attract newer users to its platform.

A Facebook research found that the app could make people lonelier. These findings are contrary to people’s view of social media as a unifier. For many people, this might not come as a surprise due to the controversy on the platform’s impact on mental health.

However, this study contradicts another internal study that showed people were less lonely on Facebook than other social media platforms like Twitter. Despite this, it did increase loneliness more than activities like watching T.V and playing video games.

Certain groups seemed to be more affected by the platform, such as men and young people between 13 and 24. Moreover, old videos and photos that held memories tended to make people more lonely.

How to advertise on Facebook

It can be difficult for new business owners to know how to use social media for advertising their products or services. Facebook has been a significant reason for success for many businesses. To ensure you advertise yourself effectively on the platform, choose a target audience, pay on a cost-per-result basis, and collect data to use in the future.