On September 2021,, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) announced it would launch Astro, a household robot. The company previewed Astro’s features and what it could do. For instance, it could reach out for emergency services for older adults.

The robot would go for $1450.  There is also an invitation program that sells it for $1000. However, it has been six months since the debit, but the robot isn’t available for most people. There are a few circulating videos and photos of the robot performing small tasks.

Amazon is connecting Luna and Twitch

Amazon is connecting its Twitch and Luna gaming platforms. This means that if a game on twitch is on Luna, players could have the option through Twitch to play it on Luna. Despite this move, there are a few limitations. Users will have to have an account on Twitch and early access to Luna to access the service.

After Amazon released the Lost Ark in the Americas and Europe, it became the most popular MMO on Steam. As a result, European players have had to make long lines for the game. Amazon and Smilegate have now come up with Europe West to fix the problem. Europe West is a server for players in the region. However, there is still no solution for those in Central Europe.

Block Inc (NYSE: SQ) co-founder Jim McKelvey hoped to understand how the company survived competition from Amazon and become successful. In his new book, The Innovation Stack, McKelvey delves into his history in the company.

Bernie Sanders accesses companies of making inflation period more difficult 

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has accused companies like Amazon, Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX), and McDonald’s Corp (NYSE: MCD) of making it harder for people to survive the inflation. These companies have increased prices on their products despite making record sales. They claim to have raised their prices due to inflation.

Sanders notes that while McDonald’s has increased its menu prices by 6%, it has also experienced a 59% profit increase compared to last year. Starbucks and Amazon have also increased profits. There are no laws to stop businesses from raising prices during inflation. While, in some cases, the price increase may seem justifiable, this is not the case with big corporations. Unfortunately, low-income communities are most affected by the change.