Meta Platforms Inc’s (NASDAQ: FB) subsidiaries, Instagram and Facebook, have been banned from Russia as a court labeled it extremist. The country had already restricted access to these platforms since Meta announced that it would relax its policies on hate speech against the Russian army when it came from Ukrainians.

The Russian court stated that Facebook and Instagram were becoming a source of extremism, thus the ban. However, WhatsApp, which Meta also owns, will not be banned as it allows people to communicate and isn’t a source of information.

YouTube, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG), is also at risk for a ban. The platform has shown its support for Ukraine in the past. It has banned the Russian Ministry of Defence’s channel and previously banned posts from the Russian Army for seven days. These moves upset Russia, which has been vocal about the hostility it is facing from the rest of the world.

David Beckham hands over his accounts to a Ukrainian doctor

Companies are not the only ones showing their support for Ukraine, as David Beckham has handed over his Facebook and Instagram accounts to a Ukrainian doctor. Beckham has given the accounts to the doctor so she could showcase the work medical practitioners are doing to help Ukraine. His accounts have a total of 127.5 million followers.

Facebook users are locked out lf their accounts

At the beginning of March, Facebook sent an email to its users asking them to activate Facebook Protect before March 17. Failure to do so would result in them being locked out of their accounts.

Unfortunately, many Facebook users didn’t take this warning seriously and assumed the email was spam. As a result, many were denied access to their accounts. The company is now giving locked-out users ways to open their accounts, but it doesn’t always work. Moreover, other users could not activate the feature even before the deadline and are now locked out.

With the Facebook stock now recovering, many shareholders wonder if they have now seen the bottom for the Facebook stock. A Forbes analyst believes they could use the Elliot Waves to evaluate which way the stock could go.