Recently Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) services experienced outages. Services affected are Podcasts, Apple TV Plus, Apple Music, the App Store, Cloud Key Chain, Cloud Mail, App Maps, and iMessage. Though the company has not revealed that caused the issue, it managed to resolve it.

Apple no longer allows purchasing or renting movies via Android TV or Apple TV devices. The company has replaced it with a how-to watch button. This button directs users to streaming devices, including Apple products.

Meanwhile, the 11-inch iPad Pro is on offer on Amazon. The tablet, which is usually $799, will be $749. This new price is similar to that of the 10.9-inch iPad Air. Customers could now choose between the two devices before the offer ends.

Apple is using AppleTrack to prevent updates on the Mac Studio

Apple users have found out that its new Mac Studio has removable SSD storage. However, they can not upgrade the Mac as Apple uses AppleTrack to prevent them from replacing the SSD. For this reason, customers won’t be able to avoid paying hefty fees for extra storage to Apple.

Leaks of the iPhone 14 Pro is out. The leaked schematics reveal that the company has replaced the notch with the i-cutout. Moreover, the phone’s rear design is similar to the iPhone 13 Pro.

Apple Maps is finally launching its EV routing to the Ford Mustang Mach-E. While the company had announced its feature in 2020, it had given no other updates in its plans. The feature will let drivers see how much battery remains when they reach their destination.

Apple could go back to selling its wireless router 

The new Apple monitors are out. However, the devices had not had a good start. Some experts suggest that Apple go back to feeling wireless routers to boost its Mac business. When Apple first stopped selling wireless routers, its Mac business wasn’t doing very well.

Apple had made some bad decisions by removing vital ports and placing a controversial touch bar. Furthermore, the company had decided to put aesthetics over performance. Eventually, the company stopped making monitors and wireless routers.

However, things have changed, and the company is making monitors again. The timing couldn’t be better for Apple as its performance is rising. The company has a loyal customer base and securities of about $26 billion.