Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) recently upgraded its Community Help segment to assist the U.N., and Red cross agencies send resources to Ukraine. In addition, the platform increased measures to ease access to specific provisions such as medical aid into the country and the affected neighboring countries.

The Community also entails the WhatsApp helpline that enables Ukrainians to access Emergency services that issue citizens with essential services. The platform also developed a link that connects the services with citizens in serious need of emergency services, even though they left Ukraine. The Ukrainian users will access the link through applications owned by the company.

Facebook developed a WhatsApp helpline +41798931892 for Ukraine and any affected neighbors. In a crisis, the user only sends a message with the term “Hi,” which begins the assistance process. The platform also upgraded some of its features, including the Emotional Health Center, and collaborated with the World Health Organization in Ukraine and Russia.

Facebook’s latest features assist Facebook groups to stay safe and updated¬†

The platform recently announced updated features that assist several Facebook group administrators in producing acceptable content. The feature also assists the group member to be safe and correctly informed on the latest developments in the world. Facebook’s latest upgrades allow group administrators to operate their groups and equip them with the required audiences.

Several consumers need to feel and be safe; therefore, connecting with other consumers on platforms that issue that option allows them to be free. The disadvantage of being unsafe in a digital community is equivalent to the amount of misinformation shared on the platform. The new features installed by the platform assist in reducing the rate of misinformation and methods to operate the groups.

Other developments by Facebook increase the protection of its consumers

The platform recently developed Facebook protect that allows users to employ advanced security methods while on the platform. In addition, the platform is increasing online security for users that are public figures or are associated with one. Facebook interprets a public figure in a method that allows users to claim the realm rather than being an actual public figure.