Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) has wanted Chrome users of a vulnerability. This weakness is the third the company has spotted in the last ten days. The high-level threat affects Chrome users on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Shortly before this, the company had announced that Chrome users had to make an emergency update. Moreover, the attacks seemed to have been ongoing when the company spotted the hack. Fortunately, the company has stated that there isn’t any evidence that hackers had taken advantage of the vulnerability. The company is not revealing information on the hack to give users time to upgrade the app.

Former Google CEO appreciates new Google directive

Meanwhile, the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, has expressed relief at the end of the work-from-home policy. Schmidt, who calls himself a traditionalist, believes this change is necessary. He notes that this would be good for younger employees seeking experience, team collaboration, and networking.

To encourage emcees to return to the office,  Google is offering them electric scooters. The company is collaborating with Unagi, the scooter maker, to give its employees a free month subscription to their services. This move is to lessen the stress of transit.

Between 2020 and 2021, Google fired two of its employees due to vital research. However, Google has now cited their research in a paper which the original researchers refused to retract or remove their names from.

The company claimed that the paper was not up to their standards. However, their republication shows that they might have changed their tune. Some are calling Google hypocritical for this move.

Android users can’t buy books from Barnes and Noble

Android users will no longer be able to buy books from Barnes and Noble. They also won’t be able to buy Amazon Audible titles via credit or debit card. This move comes after the company has started insisting that apps have to use the billing system on Google Play.

DeepMind, a Google unit, has pledged to conduct artificial intelligence research in a way that benefits the world. However, critics state that it will have first to solve its internal issues. Employees have come out with claims of mistreatment against DeepMind. One employee claims she was prohibited from speaking to managers and colleagues after she filed complaints of harassment against another coworker.