Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) has now given one of its garage projects a higher priority. Microsoft Journal works like many other apps by letting you draw and write. Furthermore, it also lets you circle words and scratch them to delete them.

Microsoft has a deal on Microsoft Office products

Customers can now purchase Microsoft Office apps at a good deal.  However, they will have to buy them soon before inventory ends. Many people wonder why they should buy these apps when they can get free products. The reason is that these versions are more powerful than cloud-based ones.

Adorama is selling the Xbox Series S at $50 off. This news is good for customers who have wanted to purchase the devices. The gadget got an 85 score from Engadget shortly after its release and has since lived up to expectations.

The company is adding Microsoft 365 Cloud PCs to Windows 11

Microsoft is also incorporating Windows 365 Cloud PCs into Windows 11. Citrix has done this for a long time. However, the company will now let Windows 11 PCs boot directly to Windows 365 Cloud PCs.

ClearBridge Investments published an investor letter where it discussed its opinion on Microsoft. The investment firm stated that it managed to outperform due to the resilience of stock from Microsoft and Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL).

It has emerged that Microsoft could be considering buying Crystal dynamic from Square Enix for Xbox. Crystal Dynamic has plans to develop a Tomb Raider game through Unreal Engine 5. Moreover, this seemed a departure since it typically uses an in-house engine for previous Avenger and Tomb Raider games.

Square Enix has frequently criticized Crystal Dynamics for the performance of its games. However, Microsoft has always embraced it. With Crystal continuously fighting its relationship with the company, people now believe that Microsoft could be purchasing it.

Microsoft has created an Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences team as it reorganized its company structure. This sector includes Microsoft Launcher, Phone Link, SwiftKey, Surface Duo OS, and other Microsoft teams.

Meanwhile, WealthIntel Inc announced that it had been inducted into Microsoft for Founders Hubs, which gives startups access to the capital and resources they need to become successful. WealthIntel will now access business supper, mentorship, and technology exclusively from Microsoft.