Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) has announced that it is creating a feature that would allow its users to edit a tweet after posting it. The news has been received appreciation from users who have long asked for the feature. This new change would allow tweeter users to fix typos in their tweets and repost them without losing likes, retweets, or replies.

Twitter has stated that it will test the feature for subscribers on Twitter Blue. The company explains that the feature has taken this long as it wanted to create it in a way that would ensure safety.

Elon Musk has joined the Twitter board of directors 

This news is not the only addition for Twitter, as news has emerged that Elon Musk will join its board of directors. The company CEO, Parag Agrawal, states that Musk is an intense critic and passionate believer. For this reason, he would be valuable to the company.

The former CEO and co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, seems pleased with the deal as he states that Musk would lead with his heart as he has shown care for the company and the planet. It is still unknown the kind of influence the billionaire would have on the company.

Twitter wants to introduce co-authoring if a tweet

Twitter is also trying to test how it could let two Twitter users co-author a tweet. This news does t come as a complete surprise as Alessandro Paluzzi, a researcher, has dropped hints that it could be in the works.

The move could be ideal for influencer campaigns and brand partnerships that want to be linked to a single post. While this is good news, the platform seems to be a bit behind as Facebook has had a similar feature since 2021.

Meanwhile, Joseph Kelly, a U.K Twitter user, is doing 150 hours of community service. This sentence comes after Kelly was sentenced for posting an offensive tweet about an army officer called Captain Sir Tom Moore.

A day after the officer died, Kelly posted a Tweet stating that the only good soldier is a dead one. When he was created, the arrest bought attention to legislation that allows the prosecution of people for online messages.