AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) announced a stock dividend to effect the spin-off of all its WarnerMedia interests to its shareholders. This move is in line with a previous announcement where the company stated it would be combining WarnerMedia operations with DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS INC. Common Stock (NASDAQ: DISCA)

When the transaction closes in April, the company’s shareholders 0.24 shares of Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. stock for every AT&T stock. Fortunately, shareholders won’t need to take action as the company would automatically exchange their WarnerMedia Spinco shares after the merger.

AT&T is among the most searched stock

Due to the moves it is making, AT&T is now one of the most searched stocks. For this reason, investors are trying to gauge the company’s performance. Any news of the company could influence the direction the stock moves. However, these news don’t always impact an investor’s decision to buy or sell.

Zacks analysts believe that the current value could determine its fair value. For this reason, the analyst prioritizes the projection of future earnings.

Many analysts expect AT&T to have an EPS of $0.78, a 9.3% decrease from last year’s same quarter. However, Zacks has evaluated ends for the last 30 days and changed its estimate to -1.2%

The Dream in Black initiative gives money to entrepreneurs

Terrell Grice, a YouTube, and Lori Harvey, an entrepreneur, have presented students from HBCU $10,000 on behalf of AT&T. The money is in line with the company’s Dream in Black project that helps black entrepreneurs begin businesses.

The HBCU students who received the funds were Journey Carter, Malik Waseem, and Coi Mattison. Mattison founded Limbic Lamb, children coloring cards that combine encouraging words with play to increase their self-esteem. Mattison says she was inspired to create the cards as she has dealt with self-esteem issues as a child and has recognized some of the same problems in her daughters.

Grice stated that he is happy to be part of an initiative that shines a light on black entrepreneurs. He adds that the talent of black people around the world needs to be recognized. Grove points out that the talent and ideas are available, but most young black people need a mentor, visibility, or capital to make it.