SHARE, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) reportedly asks a math problem during its interview process. This claim comes from a YouTube video that has since gone viral. The YouTuber claimed that a software engineer was asked a math question in an interview. Fortunately, the YouTuber explained how to solve it.

This summer, Terrible People, a show about friends who start a pyramid scheme, will air on Amazon Prime. The show, which was produced an written in Tulsa, has actors from the same place.

Amazon is selling some cheap but game-changing appliances on its platform. For instance, the platform has the TubShroom Chrome Edition Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher. This device which is $7 off on Amazon, keeps your hair from tub your bathtub. Amazon is also selling the Satina high-waisted leggings.

Amazon is the first big tech company to erase the year’s losses

Amazon recently became the first big tech stock to erase a year’s losses. This change means that the company is again a market leader after a slow 2021. Big tech companies are having a comeback, thus alleviating worries investors have about geopolitical tensions and the interest-rate environment.

Meanwhile, CNN, a subsidiary of Warner Media, will be launching CNN+ on Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. This move will enable CNN to compete for online viewers. Subscribing to CNN+ will be $6 monthly or $60 yearly.

CNN+ will also have shows that top CNN journalists like Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, and Chris Wallace will host. It will also include live streams where journalists can answer viewer questions.

Frontline does a documentary on Amazon

Producers at Frontline have aired a documentary on Amazon titled Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos. The documentary focuses on whether people should be worried about Amazon dominating the market.

The Frontline documentary reveals how people still don’t take the company seriously despite proving that it can maintain success. Amazon wasn’t taken seriously when it began, and now that it is successful, they don’t take its future seriously.

Meanwhile, NEXE Innovations Inc is now seeking XOMA Superfoods and NEXE Coffee on The company sells sustainably-produced high-quality superfood creamers coffee. It is now increasing its manufacturing capacity to meet customers’ needs.