Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) has updated its DM search feature. Users can now search through their messages using keywords to find specific messages. Previously, they could only use it to search names and the names of chat groups.

Twitter users have been expecting this update since last year after the company launched DM search on Android in May 2021. While Twitter has released the upgrade later than fans expected, it has managed to launch it on all devices.

This move is an improvement from when the company first launched the original search feature. At the time, the company had the feature only on iOS, and Android users had to wait two more years before they could access it.

Reviewers have tested the fixture and revealed that it works efficiently on Android and iOS devices. However, while it can search for relatively old messages, it has a limit on how far back it can go. For instance, some reviewers report that it can’t go before 2020.

Twitter launches a GIF tool for iOS users

Twitter has also added a new feature to the platform. The company has launched a service that allows iOS users to make GIFs from the cameras on the app. This feature would allow users to share short clips without uploading a whole video.

While the GIFs are easy to make, sharing them off the platform isn’t as straightforward. Moreover, users can’t save the GIF on their devices. Unfortunately, the update is only available on iOS. The company hasn’t revealed when it will roll it out on Android.

Lin-Manuel Miranda misses the Oscars

As the Oscars neared, many fans were excited about the performances of their favorite celebrities. One of the most awaited performances was We Don’t Talk About Bruno by the cast members of Encanto. However, fans noticed that one of their favorite cast members, Lin-Manuel Miranda, would be missing from the performance.

Miranda later mentioned that his wife had tested positive for COVID-19. Fortunately, his wife seems to be doing okay. This news didn’t sit well with fans, as Miranda would be missing the Oscars out of caution. However, many sent out heart-warming messages wishing the celebrity well.